That Star In Her Eye

Here’s an ode to Fiona, and an explanation for the blog’s title. This poem is for all the mommas of special needs kids, who get the privilege of watching the gems that are their children:

Your Eyes, My Daughter, Are Genius Caliber

I spot the five-pointed star inside your iris,

blue aquatic, like a chunk

of the cartoon heavens sought a long, enduring swim.

Your gloss-black pupils reflect

my ceasing furrows, my stressed brow

easing into adoration. I see you

seeing me—mother struck

by the ancient wonder: what

impossible mathematics

in the molecules of your seeing.

A brain to move a hand to swipe my hair.

Ears to catch the peripheral

hey, and you turn to face

a face your mind already mapped—the giver

of food, love. And all your vowels,

riper than fruits in our wooden bowl,

your oohs and ahs and eys

whole as grapes in your tiny mouth. They say

you don’t meet your milestones.

That the arm of one chromosome

had a hiccup in its copies.

But you are living. You sense. You suck

your thumb. You receive

the world, your awareness like daily

haiku. This morning’s message

caught your eye a long infant-minute

and I thought you were zoning out

on window light, or worse, seizing. I got down

to your level and saw it too:

a glimmering wind chime

against the suburbs’ winter scene, the brass

tubes lit gold by a low sun. See it,

your staring said, that star in

your iris dazzled by the dance.


6 thoughts on “That Star In Her Eye

  1. 🙂 So happy that I will get to read your writing and through it catch a bit more of a glimpse of the journey the three of you are on.

    • Oh, Ernest, I’m so glad you actually prowl the internet. I didn’t think you did. And I’m glad to know this will help you glimpse our story a wee bit, making us six all feel a bit more connected….

  2. I am Barbara Jones Kelley, I’ve been in your mother’s life since she was born I was her neighbor, babysitter, and friend all her life. I pray for your little one all the time and although I’m not one to read I couldn’t put this down. My heart is breaking for such a beautiful sweetie. God has Blessed you so. Love Barbara

  3. i read your blog after finding it in the 4P- newsletter. My own daughter is 21 years old but I remember the challenging journey well. Your chronicling is so familiar; things I felt and heard.

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